Holiday Look: Dark Lips & Neutral Eyes Tutorial

Hi my Makeup Beauties!!! How are you all doing??? Sorry I didn’t post the last few months….had my first baby boy! Now I am back! Hope you all are enjoying this time of the year!!!! It’s so exciting….holidays and family!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!! Today’s tutorial is an eye makeup tutorial for the holidays!!! Hope you like this video!!! Enjoy watching!!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Please click on the “Like” button if you liked this video!!!!! Thanks

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Spring makeup tutorial 2014

In this tutorial you will learn how you can make this BEAUTIFUL spring eye makeup look! This look is very warm and after the winter – this look will warm you up! Enjoy watching the tutorial! Did you like this Spring look? If you did like it, Please Click on the “Like” Button! Thanks!

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Intense Feline Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Check out this fun and UNIQUE eye makeup look!!! If you want everyone to notice you in the party…then this look will be PERFECT for you!!! Make sure you have the time to make this look, because you will need time for it! Enjoy! Don’t forget to press on the “Like” Button if you liked this tutorial! Thanks!

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Go-To Make-up Look |Night Out| 2014

Planning a night out this weekend? Here is a very BEAUTIFUL eye makeup tutorial that you can do for a night out! Very easy to do!!! Enjoy watching the video! Did you like this night out look? If you did, Please click on the “Like” Button! Thanks!

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Bronze Smokey Eye Look | Kim K Inspired Tutorial

What a look of a BEAUTIFUL Smokey eye? Check this tutorial out and see how you can make your Smokey eyes like Kim Kardashian Very easy to do! Enjoy! Liked this tutorial? Please click on the “Like” Button! Thanks!

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Asian Bridal Inspired Makeup! -Dramatic Eyes & Nude Face Eye Tutorial

Check out this STUNNING DRAMATIC eye makeup look!!! Make sure you watch the tutorial to see how exactly you too can achieve this BEAUTIFUL look! Enjoy! If you liked this tutorial – Please click on the “Like” Button! Thanks!

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